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Welcome 2022 with Direct Sourced Tea @ Ruyi

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Ruyi Market is happy to announce that 13 types of high-quality direct sourced loose leaf teas have come in! If you are a tea lover or are tea curious, we are your Emporia Tea Shop. Come by for a cup or purchase by the oz to savor at home.

Cute Blue Squirrel Infuser making a cup of High Quality Jasmine Tea atop a wooden Gong Fu tea tray.
Cute Squirrel Infuser making a cup of High Quality Jasmine Tea.

As some of you know, I am a longtime fan of Pu'er tea. As such, one of my favorite activities is testing new offerings from my personal tea family of choice. Today I have the pleasant task of trying a new tea we just got in: Pu'er Silver Pieces. Full disclosure - I had this tea several times while working with tea producers in China years ago, and I always enjoyed it. Even though it looks very different from Sheng or Shu Pu'er, the more well-known Pu'er varieties that come in 'bing' pressed blocks, Silver Pieces is a valued member of the Pu'er family.

A Serving of Pu'er Silver Pieces
Pu'er Silver Pieces

It didn't brew as dark or deep as a Shu Pu'er. Instead, this tea has a nice amber color and is satisfyingly fragrant. A hint of sweet sticky rice and earthy, almost woody, overtones lets me know the one I am drinking tonight is the real deal. It is savory but also has hints of fruit (maybe persimmons?) and a bit of spice that adds to the depth and enjoyment of the liqueur.

Pu'er Silver Pieces brews a beautiful amber color that is lighter than Shu Pu'er but much darker than a Shang Pu'er does.
The tea brews a beautiful amber color.

Pu'er Silver Pieces does not unravel as it brews in my glass teacup, which lets it steep repeatedly.
Pu'er Silver Pieces does not unravel as it brews.

I need to stop and talk about the brewed leaves. Like most Pu'er, the leaves are pressed into a variety of shapes. As most teas soak the leaves unfurl from their pressed state - but these don't. The super-compact Pieces of Silver do not unravel. This unlocks the true power of the tea: it can be steeped repeatedly without taxing the leaves of their flavor. Some people report using the same leaves over a full day of tea drinking. Myself, I am still steeping the same leaves as I write this, hours after the first infusion, and there is no sign of the flavor weakening. Altogether, it is a delightful and easy-to-drink Pu'er that hits all the right notes.

Pu'er Silver Pieces is now available at Ruyi Market. It is only one of the many varieties of teas we have to share with you. Keep warm. Take some time to enjoy a cup or two alone or with friends. Enjoy the present. Start 2022 with some tea directly sourced from artisan farms by Ruyi.

Happy New Year. See you soon.

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